on 04/09/2007
- RTG blits are now non-aligned on 32 bits. This change was made because of a graphics.library bug, but it was not required in RTG mode.
- Some memory optimisations for normal display mode in 256 or 65536 colors.
- Fixed mouse cursor display bug using the cursor option of the options box. The mouse cursor was erratically displayed.
- Fixed window title bar refresh when the graphical resolution of the server changes.
- Deleted the specific TS + Shift key fix. This patch caused some problems with OSX Vnc.
- Fixed a toolbar display bug when toolbar was enabled/disabled via the options box.
- Others minors bugs fixed.
Added - [DOC] Added a "testimonies" menu of day-to-day TwinVNC users.
- Possibility to save your options in a workbench icon.
- A localized Information box that displays technical information about the server connection.
- The "Reconnect" toolbar button is now available.
- New NODISPLAY option. This option allows you to stop the incremental refresh display on the TwinVNC side (an RAmiga+R shortcut allows you to force a global screen refresh). This improvement was submitted by Crisot. It is useful when you have an Amiga as well as another computer that both have their own screen, but with only one mouse and keyboard.
You can thus control this remote computer with low CPU usage on both machines, as the Amiga screen is not refreshed on the client side and then not compressed and sent on the server side. Note that this option forces full screen mode without the toolbar or screen bar to avoid erratic mouse behaviours when out of the display zone.
- New "Test" button in the options box that allows you to preview options modifications without having to close this window.
- Added the RAmiga+Enter shortcut. This option forces the window to be resized with the startup predefined settings, or 100% if no size has been defined.
- Added the CRYPT and SPASS parameters which allow the use of an encrypted password in your icon tooltypes or in your command line. The Crypt option is only available for icon use. It can be used to encrypt a non-crypted password string.
Example: TwinVNC CRYPT="abcd" will encrypt the "abcd" string that you will use with SPASS parameter instead of the PASS parameter. Thus, your password will be fully encrypted.
- The aspect of the mouse cursor has been modified in the "View Only" mode.
- Added the NOREPORTMOUSE parameter that allows you to disable the transfer of mouse movement data from the server.
- Third mouse button emulated for two-button mouses: Use left-click+RAmiga shortcut.
- Font properties are now available in the Customise page of the options box.
- Added the SMOOTH parameter. This enables soft smoothing of the scale mode, using an RTG monitor or not. This option is also available on the options box.

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