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on 04/10/2006
- Upgrades zlib library with version 1.2.3.
- TwinVNC now uses the disk icon as AppIcon to iconify the application, if it exists.
- The default icon is replaced by a cool icon designed by Highlander.
- Some overlay optimisations.
- Fix to bypass a system crash in certain conditions with overlay when you resize window with 0x0 inner dimensions.
- Fix overlay with toolbar. A black bar was displayed at the bottom of the window. This bug was caused by a bad implementation of the cgxvideo.library on my OS. I have created a patch to fix this bug (See PatchOverlay command available in the TwinVNC archive).
- Fix of an iconify effect. TwinVNC was uniconified (maximised) when remote screen resolution was changed.
- Optimisation of Hextile, Tight and ZRle codecs.
- Fix a soft scale display bug that caused black vertical and horizontal lines.
- Optimisation of memory consommation and speed up scale mode.
- Fix to allow connection with empty password.
- Fix a minor bug in the Tight codec with Jpeg option. The bug was visible if you exited TwinVNC during Jpeg refresh.
- Fix a system freeze bug in AGA caused by a bad implementation of WriteChunkyPixel() of graphics.library. Graphics blits are now aligned in 32 bytes to bypass this bug.
- Fix a deconnection problem in TwinVNC due to the reception of an empty clipboard.
- Changes made to behaviour of ZLib feature. You must now force this feature to change the value used by the server.
- Changed DOVERLAY by OVERLAY. This argument allow to define threshold (in percent) of activation of the hard scale. Default value -1 mean "no overlay". 100% mean "overlay in upscale". And 0% mean "always use overlay".
- The NOCURSOR option is now by default and the CURSOR option replaces it.
- Improvement of the shift key management on Terminal server software.
Added - Tooltip support for toolbar buttons.
- Connection box, status box and options box added with language specific text.
- Added TOP, LEFT, WIDTH and HEIGHT arguments to force position and dimension of window view. TwinVNC centre the display when these values are not defined.
- Toolbar is now available in full public screen.
- Added RAmiga+T shortcut to toggle ON/OFF toolbar display.
- Scale display mode is now available in full screen (up scale and down scale).
- Upscale is now available in window mode.
- Overlay is now available in full screen (up overlay and down overlay).
- Added "proportional resize" option of the window. You can resize the window view with Left Shift or Right Amiga keys depressed. The window will be resized with proportional dimensions of original view.
- Added NOSHARED argument to start VNC in share mode.
- Added VIEWONLY argument to start VNC with mouse and keyboard locked.
- Added SCREENBAR argument to force displaying the screen bar on the public screen. Use RAmiga+B shortcut to change this setting.
- Added support of the server pixel format. TwinVNC uses the depth and pixel proporties of the server by default. You must force the DEPTH option if you use low cost bandwidth graphic mode.
- Mousewheel management on AmigaOS4.
- Added FONTNAME and FONTSIZE arguments to select the font to use with the graphical interface.
- Implementation of the socket NODELAY option. This improves the fluidity of the server side mouse.

on 02/28/2005
- Some keyboard shortcut changes (RAmiga+S and RAmiga+Del).
- Overlay management modification with scale option.
- Improved keyboard management (F11, F12, Page Down/Up, Insert, Pause, Scroll Lock, Begin/End).
Added - Improved Scale mode without filtering (use SCALE Argument or RAmiga+S shortcut).
- Added MODEID argument to set screen mode ID of fullscreen mode.
- Clipboard management. Use NOCLIPBOARD to desactivate this.
- New NOLAMIGAKEY argument.
- New ICONIFY argument to start TwinVNC on iconify mode.

on 01/09/2005
Fixed problem with "\~`{}[]" keys when using a keyboard with a Windows Keymap
(Pb encountered on MorphOS).
Changes sg2 code design for OS4 version.

on 01/08/2005
Problem with keyboard with control shortcuts for TwinVNC. When switching between overlay/non-overlay, iconify/de-iconify, etc...
It was switching/de-switching too fast!

- Toolbar support.
- Added KBEMUL argument to force emulation of PageUp/PageDown, Begin/End keys thru RShift+Arrow keys.
- Snapshot window position when iconifying.
- Argument USEOVERLAY know what.
- Software scaling (not yet finished)

Fixed keymap handling with a RealVNC server. There is an accent incompatibility between Tight and Real.
Added - FullScreen/Windowed with RAmiga+F.
- Direct support of PageDown/Up, Begin/End and Insert on a PC keyboard with MorphOS (and AOS4 ??).

ZRLE decompression problem.
Added - Improved keyboard support for Page Down/Up/Home/End by using RShiftR+arrow keys.
- Iconification with RAmiga+I.

Small problem with the ALT key.
Added - Detailed Toolbar.
- Began Toolbar code in WINDOWED mode.

Small problem with local cursor.
Added - Argument NOCURSOR un WINDOWED mode.
- WINDOWED mode code restructured.
- DEPTH 16 mode optimization.

Small fix in ZRLE codec.
Added WINDOW argument to display in windowed mode.
This feature is available, for now, on-bits or more RTG modes.

Small fix on a non-terminated taglist.
Added - A few tooltypes in program icon.
- (same keywords as arguments).

- Better jpeg support in Tight codec.
- Optimized compilation of JPEG lib in the projet.
- Improved RAW codec.
Added NOLOCAL and NOCOPYRECT arguments.

- Argument NOCURSOR to not display the Amiga pointer.
- JPEG support in codec Tight.
- Arguments ZLIB and JPEG for codecs using ZLib and Jpeg.

Display bug with ZRle codec in 32-bits modes only.
Added Gradient mode support in codec Tight for 16 and 32-bits depths.

Added an option in socket to prevent packet buffering.

- Display bug in 32 bits more using ZLibHex and ZRle.
- Bug with SERVERCUTTEXT log.
Added New XCursor codec to manage local 2 colours mouse cursor.

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