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user I understand nothing about command lines or arguments. How do I launch this damn thing?
You doubleclick the icon and a nic little GUI appears especially for you... dufus

user Ok, I have clicked on the icon and something started. What happens now?
You need to connect to a VNC server to be able to take control of something (I would suggest that you start with your life).
There are lots of VNC servers, covering all OS's.
You need to enter the IP address of the server (as well as the port it this is not the default 5900) in the zone "Host" and the password to the VNC service running on the host.

user Ok, I've done everything correctly but nothing happens afterwards.
Check that there is no firewall.
If you have access to the server try disabling the firewall.

user Ok, it connects but I get an error message saying that the authentification doesn't work.
Your password is wrong!!! Check CAPS Lock.

user Arghhhh, I have lost my connection box when I launch from the icon.
Delete the tooltypes Host and Pass in the icon.

user I connect to several VNC servers and I'm fed up typing in the bloody hosts!
The host selection list keeps a history. Just play with the up and down arrows to find the host you want.
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