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user testimonies

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utilisateur Crisot (26/02/2007) :>
French user of AmigaOS4
"TwinVNC is the best client I've ever used.

Tip: use always the most adapted codec depending on your computer/connection performances.
Even though the Tight codec is always the best for a remote connection, ZLibRaw can often be more efficient for a local office software use.
Even when playing games, with a powerful server, I've already noticed that ZLibHex can be faster, optimising games or videos on low resolutions.
Test this, it depends of your server cpu and ethernet/wifi performances.

Other tip: there is an embedded no display mode in TwinVNC. What for? A click over on a well designed icon, you can tranform your Amiga into an extremely useful virtual KVM.

I go on and on about this app! Its overlay, its quick and efficient software scaling, its clear performances (test an other client on an other computer, then you will see that the codec choice is not always easy). TwinVNC is ultimate!"

utilisateur Batteman (21/02/2007) :>
French user of MorphOS
"I came across TwinVNC accidentally. Indeed, at the moment this new software came out on the Amiga scene, I had no idea of what it could actually do.
After picking up some information on the VNC protocol, I realised that this type of software was not made for me as I only have an iBook. But I however did install a VNC server on it to play around with TwinVNC to do some grabs for Seg.

The purpose of this app then seemed obvious to me but not with a laptop as server. So, I'll have to wait another couple of years before I get back down to TwinVNC. After having won a PC during Alchemy 6, having installed Ubuntu 6.10 and tweaked the Ubuntu VNC server to run automatically, I finally could start using TwinVNC again, and I do!

It allows me to do many things: using only one keyboard and mouse to control my Pegasos under MorphOS and to control the PC. It allows me to use this Ubuntu PC more than I would because I can now transparently use apps that don't exist on MorphOS, as a 'modern' web browser or a torrent client for example.

Therefore, I can use them without even realising that I'm using a PC and that's great.

I personally use TwinVNC on its own screen with the title bar in order to have the feeling that I'm still using MorphOS. TwinVNC has changed my user habits and allowed me to save money (buying an extra screen) and space (you do have to put that additional screen somewhere), and most of all, it renews the pleasure of using MorphOS.

What can I say more? Use it, you'll see for yourself! And do think about clicking the Paypal link... Seg should appreciate that!"
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