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In fact, these are not functionality bugs. No user has yet reported crashes related to TwinVNC.
The identified crash causes came from external elements.

bugs But there are crashes anyway...
TwinVNC can potentially crash your system if it connects to an unreliable VNC server. This is the case with some VNC servers which have incorrectly implemented codecs.
Except for the CoRRE codec, TwinVNC does not control graphic information sent by the server. If the server requires to fill a rectangle that is larger than the screen, TwinVNC will perform it; that may cause a potentially fatal border effect.

bugs What about the overlay?
The overlay can cause the following issues depending on the graphical configs:
- Some configs don't support the downscaled overlay. In such a case, use the "OVERLAY=100" parameter.
- Others configs don't support the downscaled overlay under 50% of the original size. In this case, use the "OVERLAY=50" parameter.
- And finally, on my own configuration, the overlay option causes issues with the ToolBar option. The display zone exceeds the window borders. So, I implemented a patch which resolves this bug (see the PatchOverlay command line available within this archive).

bugs Potential bug with the server "color map" concept
This problem can take place using an indexed color map (<=256 colors) on the server side. The VNC RFB protocol allows the server to send a predefined color map to the client. Up to now, few servers support this functionality, because they have the possibility to exchange graphic information in true color mode (the color is coded by the pixel) with the client, even for 8-bit displays.
TwinVNC is thus supposed to handle this fonctionality but has not yet been tested.

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